Beijing Treemusic is a well-known Chinese independent music company, which was founded in Beijing in 2004.

Treemusic is a record label and also a publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks; coordinates the production, distribution, promotion, manufacture, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music albums. Its business includes: music producing, music publishing, music festival, concert, record releasing, overseas musician management, art gallery operating, and etc.
During these ten years, Treemusic has been publishing more than 100 albums; including both independent and pop music genre. And it also conducts talent scouting and the development of artists; there are many musicians and bands under the label. Treemusic is becoming one of the most important music companies promoting in youth culture field in China.

For the past few years, through the dedication to develop a new mode of the music industry and to upgrade the standard of live concert performance, Treemusic has been starting to lead the whole music industry in China. Furthermore, Treemusic actively devotes to promote the value of music with other industry fields, and to establish a new mode for mutual benefits.

After years of industrial structure exploration, Treemusic began to get recognition by a lot of well-known domestic and foreign companies and has completed a few important stage financing.

The approval and involvement of the commercial capital made Treemusic’s industrial innovation idea transforming to business value, and that improves the industrial structure. Eventually, Treemusic intend to achieve their core value–“make arts as a part of our life, and let our life to be the land of arts”.

Subordinate institutes:

       The Post mountain: Art business gallery, located at Dang Dai MOMA, Beijing
       The Valley Music Plus: Music producing, promoting, organization, located at Dang Dai MOMA, Beijing

Treemusic has been cooperating with many well-known real estate companies, and this developmental combination directly results in a new additional value mode.
Treemusic has been actively promoting a new cultural lifestyle in order to attract elites and other influential group. Eventually, the aim is to achieve a new urban lifestyle.