Wild Children

They were following the cycles of natural in the rhythm. With their unique musical language and rigorous attitude of creation,they finally became a milestone o

Wood Pushing Melon

The five members of the band are: Song Yuzhe the vocal, Zhang Fangze the guitarist, Chen Chuangyuan the bassist, Li Dan the drummer and Wang Peng the keyboard.

Under Baby

Under Baby was the very first China Punk Band signed with Magic Rocks Culture of Rolling Stones Taiwan since Tangchao and Magic Rocks Heroes.

Self – Education

"Self - Education" is a band that plays an important role in the history of Chinese rock and roll.

Da Wang Gang

The music style of Dawanggang covers the world music, folk music, experimental rock music, modern symphony.

Zhang Quan & Ma Xuesong

Still has a long way to go and a lot to learn.