Da Wang Gang

 The music style of Dawanggang covers world music, folk music, experimental rock music, and modern symphony. Its style is difficult to define, and is considered as “it is necessary to create a word to describe".

The BBC said Dawanggang "breaks the boundaries of music and culture, from the past and present and Asian folk music, vocal music art, Chinese opera and rock in one band."

German times weekly said " it cannot be classified into any of the existing style. Let's call it as a movie that can be listened".

The famous domestic music critics Zhang Xiaozhou more appropriately described “As well as Wood Pushing Melon, Dawanggang is hard to be defined. Strong magnetic field is constituted by its folk music, poetry, religion, the earth, mountains and the rivers. However, Song yuzhe is not attracted away by any magnet fragment."

Dawanggang dedicates to feel the state of coexistence, and to stimulate the exchange of freedom.Their cooperated musicians come from different musical backgrounds. There are domestically well-known musicians such as Hu Ge, Ji Le Tu, Adili, Zhang Jian, Li bridge, Deng Boyu, etc. They also brought in Manfroy Quentin (Belgium), Peisakhov Anton (Russia), Hijikata Masaya (Japan), Achilleas Sourlas (Greece) and other international group like the Scotland Tinder Box Modern Symphony did. In recent years, the band has also participated in the Roskilde, WOMAD and other famous music festivals, as well as several European tour. Song Yuzhesaid: "Dawanggang has the characteristics of a band, but at the same time, the concept of the group is even wider. My dream is that one day if I leave, the band will still keep running".