Wild Children

They were following the cycles of natural in the rhythm. With their unique musical language and rigorous attitude of creation,they finally became a milestone o

Wood Pushing Melon

The five members of the band are: Song Yuzhe the vocal, Zhang Fangze the guitarist, Chen Chuangyuan the bassist, Li Dan the drummer and Wang Peng the keyboard.

Under Baby

Under Baby was the very first China Punk Band signed with Magic Rocks Culture of Rolling Stones Taiwan since Tangchao and Magic Rocks Heroes.

Self – Education

"Self - Education" is a band that plays an important role in the history of Chinese rock and roll.

Da Wang Gang

The music style of Dawanggang covers the world music, folk music, experimental rock music, modern symphony.

Zhang Quan & Ma Xuesong

Still has a long way to go and a lot to learn.

Ding Ke

Piano and string music are very important parts of his music, and these wonderful sounds create something like movie scenes.

Cool Air

Cool Air is a Brit/indie band. They became quite famous after they took part in Hunan TV’s show “I am a Singer” together with Luo Qi in 2014. In their early

Wang Juan

with a new world of music, and real power

Song Yuzhe

He has been the vocal of Da Wang Gang band, and has been writing solo folk music pieces.


Mademoiselle et son Orchestre is a band with 6 members based in Beijing.

Liu Dongming

Liu Dongming had a wild dream about music back in the spring of 2000 with no reason. He came to Beijing and started his journey.

Ma Yuan Poet

They have their own aggressive, high-yeild and strict musical creation attitude. The imagery and paranoid live performances perfectly make up their Aesthetics o

We Are Not Invited

A new band has caught Beijing’s eyes. We Are Not Invited is made of three French musicians.

Me Guan Me

Me Guan Me is a weird name filled with self-mock ery, passion and a vivid image.


The music of Wusuozai is deeply affected by jazz and rock in the 80s and electronic environment ambient music.


DengeL is one of the few goth metal band based in Beijing. The name is combine d with “devil” and “angel”.

Fat Tree

Fat Tree is an uncommon band based in Beijing. Their music is mixed with grunge, Britpop, punk and electronic music elements.


At first they are labeled as industrial electronic metal/new metal band, but now they are more like a hard-core metal band. After years of endless exploration o

The Losers

It’s been 14 years since The Losers band was set up, counting the former forms “Diao De Da” and “Camel”.

Cold Fairyland

Combining traditional and modern instruments, armed with rock heart and the bitter taste of life, this union of skilled performers plays with the freedom of Jaz

Wu Zhuoling

The elegant melodies, deep and warm vocals, female perspective story-telling lyrics and mystic tranquil atmosphere always endow her music a pure and unique qual

About Wednesday's Trip

Their live shows combined with high-energy and tranquility received much compliments from both audience and insiders. From trip hop to ambient, from breakbeat t